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[SCL Tigers Arena]

Langnau’s SCL Tigers not only deserve a new ice-hockey arena, but also the accompanying LED video cube with scoreboard system. The arena is to be expected an ecological building mainly made of wooden material and a wooden roof. The roof therefore can only carry relatively low weight.

Corresponding to the size of the arena we installed our high resolution LED video display system S[quadrat] SI [8 SMD] NT Light Indoor LED video cube. The scoreboard was already on site and was integrated into the construction of the LED video cube. Due to the limited load capacity of the wooden roof the video cube only weighs 3.6 tons. We achieved the low total weight by using a special lightweight construction. The controlling of the LED video cube is effected with our approved SX [Lyrebird] Content Management System.


September 2012

Project partner:
Sony Europe

Technical data:
4 x S[quadrat] SI [8 SMD] NT Light Indoor LED Video Cube

4 x (3,9 m x 2,2 m) = 34,32 m²