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The New S[quadrat] SOC [40 RGB] NT V4 Stripe Display

  • Suitable for all kinds of facades

  • Preserves the natural architecture

  • Development and manufacture made in Germany

  • All details can be customized

  • Installation horizontal, vertical or individual

  • Maximum color depth

  • Very low maintenance

  • Low power consumption

  • Long service life

  • Invisible and intelligent cabling

  • No impairing to the transparency of the facade, light conditions inside the building or the view to the outside

  • High energy efficiency

  • Protected against weather influences

  • Low weight with no significant loads for the building`s structure

Technical Data

S[quadrat] SOC [40 RGB] NT V4 Stripe Display
Pixel pitch40 mm H & V
Viewing angle110º H / 50º V
LED configuration2R2G2B
Brightness6,500 cd/m²
Color depth16 bit per color
Type of protectionIP 65
Ambient temperature-20 to 50ºC