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On the premises of Mercedes Benz car dealer AMF Müller in Friedrichshafen the Mercedes Benz vehicles shall be put into the limelight multimedia based and by powerful LEDs on a 4.8 m width and 2.88 m high screen. Consistent with the high-performance vehicles the advertising medium is required to be of cutting-edge technology and highest quality. And even if the end of the year is already tangible, the customer desires a realization before Christmas.


Already in mid-December there was an early present for Mercedes Benz car dealer AMF Müller in Friedrichshafen. On Lake Constance S[quadrat] GmbH installed a bright outdoor LED advertising display with a pixel pitch of 16 mm. Its customer AMF Müller was pleased with pre-Christmas joy and S[quadrat] has kept its promise to install before the holidays.

Due to the perfect location on a cross-road on the premises the displayed messages are visible from afar and create pleasant, elegant information for customers and passing road users.

An easy to use software application enables quick and easy content playing on the display.

We are happy for have been given the confidence and the order from AMF Müller. The desive factors were our long-standing experiences in the field of LED displays, the quality of our products and our reliable service philosophy”, says Jens Drübert from S[quadrat] GmbH. “We would like to thank AMF Müller and wish much joy with the new display!”

December 2014

Technical Data:
SO [16 SMD] NT Light LED video display

4.8 m x 2.88 m = 13.82 m²