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The multifunctional TUI Arena in Hannover is a popular event location for concerts, TV shows and sport events. Together with the renewal of the media equipment a modern LED video cube shall finally come into the arena again. A 180 m long LED fascia board shall complete the new hall technology. There are only 8 weeks available from commission to handing over.


Thanks to the good preparation of our customer, the disassembling of now unnecessary stage components went quickly and we could begin early to install the steel construction for the new video cube. While one installation team already mounted the customized SI [6 SMD] NT blackface modules with 6 mm pixel pitch for the 180 m long fascia, a second team mounted our rental Ocean blackface modules with only 4.8 mm pixel pitch for the four single displays of the video cube. Each of these four displays has a surface of 28 m², a 16:9 ratio and a resolution of 1,456 x 832 pixel. The total weight of the video cube, meaning its steel construction, hanging bars, LED displays including all electronic components and the power chain with chain box, is 7.8 tons.
To support a long-life, optimal performance of the LED systems we added our own developed and for each customer individually designed SX [TempControl] to the control system. The temperature sensors in the display modules react immediately as soon as the temperature is out of the predefined range. The control room will be informed instantly. In case of an emergency the concerned LED display can be switched off automatically.
In the arenas control room we set up our SX [SportBox] Scoring- and Content Management Software and created one scoring-layout according to the customer’s request. All match events, information and advertising can be played therewith on the LED fascia board and the LED video cube. The Swiss Timing Omega Game Controller was also included in this package.
On 30th August we handed over our LED display systems punctually to the TUI Arena. This was primarily possible because of the smooth team work with our customer and partners on-site.

August 2017

Technical data:
S[quadrat] Ocean SI [4.8 SMD] NT Blackface LED video cube 16:9
S[quadrat] SI [6 SMD] NT Blackface LED video fascia

4 x (7 m x 4 m) = 112 m²
180 m x 0,576 m = 104 m²