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The multifunctional ice arena of the sports cmplex Tissot Arena, former Stade de Bienne, in Biel (Switzerland) receives a new name and also a cutting-edge LED video cube. Moreover, the already existing LED displays in the stadium of the Tissot Arena and at the public space require new substructures and high-grade cladding. All, the new scoring and advertising system and the additional constructions, shall be installed during the summer break.


The S[quadrat] assembly team built up four precision frames to fix the S[quadrat] SI [6 SMD] NT Light modules for the video cube. Afterwards the modules for the LED ring were put together and mounted into the customized sub-structure above the media cube. Scoreboards and clocks followed and were integrated into the frame underneath the cube. The total weight is now 6 t.
The content will be managed by our content management system SX [SportBox] according to the customer’s demands. Herewith our customer can handle the ice-hockey games and also all advertisements. At the same time we delivered the desired, custom-fitted substructures. Since an assembly with a crane was not possible anymore inside the just finished football stadium of the Tissot Arena, we fixed the steel structure at the roof with the help of a heavy-transport helicopter. Then we installed the existing LED modules and a clock. At the public place between stadium and ice arena we affixed two more steel-constructions and the intended LED modules. To enable a proper maintenance operation both constructions are pivotable. The customized aluminum claddings complete the LED video systems.  After 10 work days the LED video cube and all additional features were ready for operation.

August 2015

Project Partner:
Swiss Timing LTD

Technical Data:
S[quadrat] SI [6 SMD] NT Light Indoor LED video cube
Size: 4 x (4.08 m x 2.4 m) = 39.2 m²

S[quadrat] SI [10 SMD] NT Light Indoor LED video ring
Size: 28.16 m x 0.64 m = 18 m²