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[Stade Mayol Toulon]

Stade Mayol in Toulon, France hosts football and rugby matches. So the ideal display controlling is specialized in both. Furthermore the steel construction for both planned displays already exists. Therefore our components must be designed to fit these measurements exactly.

The mounting of the S[quadrat] SO [10/20] NT LED Video Displays was indeed difficult. But thanks to the perfect preparation of our project team everything went well and the displays could be launched right on time. Our content management system SX [ScoreboardTV] is available as a combined system for football and rugby. Additionally it can be installed in French, German, English and Italian. Thus the central control room is bestequipped for both sports.

July 2011

Project partner:
Sony Professional Solution Europe

Tecnical Data:
205 x S[quadrat] SO [10/20] NT

2 x 36 m²