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Reims city has decided to update the stadium Auguste-Delaune with a new grass and two large LED displays. The project was realized by the French AV integrator Videlio who decided to work with S[quadrat] GmbH on this project, as constraints for mounting the LED displays were difficult. S[quadrat] has a lot of expertise in the area of comprehensive construction work especially for customized solutions. To mount the requested displays exactly in between the roof and the tribune position, the structures holding the screens need to be manufactured very carefully.


In the stadium Auguste-Delaune in Reims, France were already steel beams to fix the coming LED displays. The existing space for the desired screens was very tight and in addition limited by the roof pitch. So we precisely adapted the sub-structure to hold the screens and mounted both 46 m² SO [16 RGB] NT V4 LED stadium displays underneath the tribune roof. There are two service platforms behind each display for rear service. A circumferential frame of aluminum plates completes the display systems. Since both stadium displays could be put into operation just in time for the final match of the EURO 2016, their first mission was public viewing in the stadium Reims.

July 2016

Technical data:
S[quadrat] SO [16 RGB] NT V4
Size: 2 x (8.96 m x 5.12 m) = 92 m²