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Within the framework of an extensive modernization of the football stadium RheinEnergie Stadion Kölner Sportstätten GmbH also planned to exchange the LED video walls. The new LED video displays should be bigger and sharper. In line with the ascent of the German football club 1. FC Köln into the first league also its home ground RheinEnergie Stadion had to become first class. Before mounting the new video walls, the old scoreboards had to be disassembled. The existing steel construction remained in place and needed to be adapted to suit the new display modules.


Shortly after the final whistle has blown in the last match of the second league season 2013/14, we started to disassemble the existing scoreboards in RheinEnergie Stadion. The two old 45 m² sized scoreboards had to yield the new 66 m² S[quadrat] SO [10 SMD] NT Light LED video displays with a pixel pitch of 10 mm. With measurements of 10.9 m wide x 6.1 m high, a resolution of 661,504 pixels SMD in total and a brightness of more than 6,500 cd/m² Cologne’s stadium is now equipped with the very best. In this project S[quadrat] GmbH proved itself as turn-key provider with all services from a single source. Planning, static calculations, disassembly of the old plant, erection of the new substructures – which had to be integrated precisely to the existing infrastructure -, assembly of the new display modules and fine adjustment of the high-resolution image were the tasks to satisfy the customer. The everyday business including events, stadium tours and service work in the stadium ran parallel and without causing any disturbance. Kölner Sportstätten GmbH is absolutely satisfied with its new technology and is looking forward to the first missions in the first league and at first events.



July 2014

Technical Data:
2 x SO [10 SMD] NT Light LED video displays

2 x (10.9 m x 6.1 m) = 132.9 m²