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The multifunction arena ratiopharm arena in Ulm relies on the latest technics inside the arena and at the outer façade. The basketball basket systems shall be equipped accordingly with a special eye catcher as an additional advertising opportunity. To present high-quality outdoor advertisement the existing LED display will be replaced by a more modern system.


For the season 2015 we installed total of four basket displays consisting of customized S[quadrat] SI [4 SMD] NT Light pixel cards. The Beko BBL team ratiopharm ulm is the second basketball club who has this innovation developed by S[quadrat] in use. The LED displays are mounted onto the existing basket system thanks to its special designed support structure. With a pixel pitch of 4 mm there are 256 x 96 pixels at each side of both baskets ready to show the logos of the advertising partners. The content is played by the simple SX [CMS] content management system.
At the outer façade of the arena we replaced the modules of the old LED video display S[quadrat] SO [10/20] by modules of SO [10 SMD] NT Light. The new system captivates with its substantially higher resolution of 640 x 384 pixels and its high contrast SMD LEDs. The slightly less brightness of now 6,000 cd/m² is more than compensated by the higher color intensity. Furthermore, the display now achieves a viewing angle of 140° horizontally and vertically.
The existing movable steel construction including the access for rear service and the frame can be used for the new LED system. The installed content software SX[Lyrebird] can also be re-used, but was adapted to the new resolution. What is new is the automatic brightness regulation SX[BrightnessControl].
To support the longevity of the outdoor LED video display we concluded a maintenance contract with the arena. Thus, our service technicians will clean and check the entire system during regular on-site service operations.

October/ November 2015

Technical Data:
S[quadrat] SI [4 SMD] NT Light Indoor LED basket displays
Size: 4 x (1.024 m x 0.384 m) = 1.57 m²

S[quadrat] SO [10 SMD] NT Light Outdoor LED video display
Size: 6.4 m x 3.84 m = 24.58 m²

Originator of arena photo: "bildwerk89"