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[PostFinance Arena Bern]

Together with Kilchenmann AG the S[quadrat] GmbH won the tender for a LED video cube and a LED ring above in Bern’s PostFinance Arena. The arena is biggest ice-hockey arena in Switzerland and home of SC Bern, Europe’s richest in spectators ice-hockey club which has recently captured its 13th Swiss championship title.
Like for many roof constructions there was a strict weight specification in Bern’s PostFinance Arena. Therefore, our biggest challenge was to supply a high-resolution LED video cube with cutting-edge technology and maximum image area in spite of the maximum total weight of 13 tons. In addition the customer wished for a LED ring above and a complex speaker system underneath the video cube.

Only a special lightweight structure can hold such a big video cube and the required additional equipment of the maximum weight of 13 tons. The speakers alone weigh 2.5 tons. The old video cube was hung up and completely replaced by the new construction. Just on time for the start of the season in September we put the PostFinance Arena’s new four-sided 81 m² SI [6 SMD] NT Light LED video cube and the 26 m² SO [10 SMD] NT Light LED ring above with a total weight of 10 tons into operation. The controlling of the whole system is effected by our customized content management system SX [SportBox]. Besides for ice-hockey games, it can of, course, also be used for advertisements.

August 2013

Project Partner:
Kilchenmann AG

Technical Data:
S[quadrat] SI [6 SMD] NT Light Indoor LED Video Cube
S[quadrat] SO [10 SMD] NT Light LED Ring

4 x (5,28 m x 3,84 m) = 81 m²
26,88 m x 0,96 = 26 m²