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Anschutz Entertainment Group is the world's leading operator of stadiums and events halls, not to mention a client which most companies can only dream of. This dream came true for us in 2010. In cooperation with Panasonic US, we were commissioned to install an information and advertising LED banner in O2 World Hamburg. This project posed a particular challenge thanks to the curving upper terrace which the LED video display banner was due to be attached to.

We opted for a Panasonic fascia LED display for the interior area of the O2 Arena. We integrated this into a special casing which could be opened from the front, allowing servicing work to be carried out easily and conveniently.  Both Anschutz Entertainment Group and O2 World Hamburg are more than satisfied with the end product.


October 2010

Project partner:
Panasonic US

Technical data:
1 x Panasonic ITL20R Fascia LED display

1 x 0.8 m x 265 m = 212 m²