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The timing has to be spot on when installing the main support in a filigree steel-rope-membrane roof. And the new construction at Bucharest's new National Stadium was no exception. The installation had to be precisely timed together with the "big lift", so that the main support could be attached to the right connecting hub on the support structure. That is incredibly important as a LED video cube with a machine platform of this size weighs at least 50 tonnes.


We attached the 7 meters high main support and developed as well as produced the machine platform, cube construction and LED video displays in-house. Team work, enthusiasm, creativity and technical know-how were vital to the success of this project. While efficient time management, logistics and precision work were required and duly delivered.


July 2011

Project partner:
Max Bögl

Technical data
4 x S[quadrat] SO [10/20] NT LED Video Displays

4 x (7.68 m x 4.16 m) = 4 x 31.95 m² = 127.8 m²

Cube Size:
11.5 m (width) x 9 m (height) x 9.2 m (depth)