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Kolping Arena was looking to impress guests of the 2009 Hockey World Championships with a new LED video cube. What did that mean for us? Exactly three days to remove the old equipment and install the new displays.

Even with the unusually short timeframe we were able to successfully install the new LED video cube displays as well as all control components such as the horn, control console at field level, the goal lights and even the clocks in the locker rooms. In addition, the roof’s low load capacity meant that only very light constructions could be used.


March 2009

Project partner:
Habegger AG

Technical data
4 x S[quadrat] SI [10 SMD] LED Video Displays
4 x S[quadrat] LED Scoreboards

3.84 m x 2.24 m = 8.6 m²
3.84 m x 1.52 m = 5.8 m²