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The caption for this project could be “sporting, sporting”, because sovereignty, excellent interaction of all components, tactics and a good team were a pre-condition here. The disassembly of the existing, defective, old display and the conversion of the substructure together with delivery and installation of the new LED video display had to be carried out during playing time. In addition to brilliant quality, which we take for granted, the LED video display was to be equipped in compliance with EMC, easily operated and with flexible configuration management. However, together with our partner, Multi Media Systeme AG, we have qualified optimally for this sporting challenge. 

The sporting solution began by removing the defective video display from the housing; the next move was the provisional assembly of a LED rental display so that transmission was also guaranteed during the conversion of the substructure. For all intents and purposes our stampede for the goal was then in the installation phase, namely of one of the largest LED video display in the German Football League! The 81.1 m² S[quadrat] SO [10/20] NT LED video display was equipped with our latest SX [Master] actuation. That means real-time transmission with virtual pixel support and colour calibration are guaranteed. Content management software that is integrated in our overall system caters for simplest operation and playing. All that is cost-efficient and “Made in Germany” by S[quadrat].


October 2011

Project partner:
Multi Media System

Technical data
1 x S[quadrat] SO [10/20] NT LED Video Display

SX [Master] Image Processor
81.1 m²

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