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Under the energy saving measure in the Fritz Walter Stadium Kaiserslautern a more modern, energy-efficient LED scoreboard becomes necessary. The existing technology with a pixel pitch of 20 mm physical and 10 mm virtual at a total display area of 24 m² shall be exchanged by a new LED display system. The new scoreboard must have a higher resolution and be equipped with SMD LEDs to achieve a more homogeneous image and a better viewing angle.


As part of the Energy Efficiency Export Initiative of the German Ministry of Economics and Technology S[quadrat] GmbH makes sure that during production and upon procurement the products are energy efficient. This makes us the first contact for the realization of an energy saving measure.
According to the revised static test and suitable for the new display modules we produced a new steel construction. Meanwhile, S[quadrat]’s assembling team demounted the old display system and then replaced it by the new solution with S[quadrat] SO [10 SMD] NT Light LED modules in a 16:9 ratio. Despite the comparatively small display area of 34.4 m², thanks to the pixel pitch of only 10 mm and a brightness of 6,000 cd/m² an impressive image quality can be realized. The existing content management software for the presentation of game information and advertisements will be adjusted to match the new resolution. What is new in the control room is the automatic brightness regulation SX [BrightnessControl]. Thereby the brightness of the LED video display adapts automatically to the lighting conditions in the surrounding area. This safes the LEDs and minimizes the power consumption.

March 2015

Technical Data:
S[quadrat] SO [10 SMD] NT Light outdoor LED video display
Size: 7.68 m x 4.48 m = 34.4 m²