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In line with the new name sponsor of the multifunctional arena in Bamberg, which is now named Brose Arena, the old video cube with rear projection screens shall be brought to state-of-the-art technology. The Brose Arena is certainly best known as home of the present BEKO BBL champion, Brose Baskets. The new video cube must be as manifold as Bamberg’s arena: only a few, easy handles convertible, demountable, removable and of course in highest quality.

After various possible concepts for the new video cube and an extensive consultation by S[quadrat] the decision-makers of the Brose Arena chose a LED media cube angled forwards at 7 degrees and consisting of four S[quadrat] SI [6 SMD] NT Light LED displays with a total screen area of 51 m². Each screen has a resolution of 352.000 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The video cube, its entire construction and hanging elements weigh only 3 tons carried by four suspension points. The cube can be lifted by the existing chain hoists. The cube construction includes a total of 24 rental frames, removable corner elements and removable bottom elements which are labeled with the name of the arena. This combination of a smart, mobile housing enables the operators to adjust or dismantle the video cube very easily for the individual needs of each event by only a few handles and in a very short time. Of course the LED video cube can be readjusted to its standard form just as quickly.

For the start of the season 2015 we installed four basket displays as additional advertising opportunity. The Brose Baskets Bamberg are the first basketball club who has this innovation developed by S[quadrat] in use. The small LED displays are mounted onto the existing basket system thanks to its special designed support structure. With a pixel pitch of 4 mm there are 256 x 96 pixels at each side of both baskets ready to show the logos of the advertising partners. The content is played by the simple SX [CMS] content management system.

December 2013
May 2015

Technical Data:
S[quadrat] SI [6 SMD] NT Light Indoor LED video cube
S[quadrat] SI [4 SMD] NT Light Indoor LED video displays

4 x (4.8 m x 2.64 m) = 50.68 m²
4 x (1.024 m x 0.384 m) = 1.57 m²