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With the redecoration of the Foot Locker store in the heart of Munich the shop-fitters put great emphasis on extraordinary digital signage. The new stairway shall become the central eye-catcher by bright LED panels. Thereby the customer wishes for an overall image created by the single stair steps.


In the shell of the Foot Locker store we measure the entire stairway. Therefore, we were able to plan the LED technic for each stair step and the fitting frame construction. Additionally, we found the ideal place for the power and data supply. We manufactured a total of 10 steps with each 1.28 m wide and 12.8 cm high S[quadrat] SI [4 SMD] NT V4 LED panel. Precisely tailored polycarbonate sheets protect the LEDs against external impacts from the front. The content is created for the complete resolution of 320 x 320 pixels. Consequently, an overall picture of all LED steps appears.


September 2016

Technical data:
10 x S[quadrat] SI [4 SMD] NT V4 LED stair steps

10 x (1.28 m x 0.128 m) = 1.64 m²