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SX [SportBox]

The SX [SportBox] concept offers a complete result system for most indoor sports. The Saturn Control Box is exactly as user-friendly as the Event Center Software. It even enables laymen to create dynamic content like player presentation, for instance for youth games. The SX [SportBox] fits to every arena. Both, the Saturn display panel and the video screen are available in different sizes. Therefore, the SX [SportBox] is ideal for every sports hall size. It supports the majority of indoor sports like: basketball, handball, volleyball, indoor/ ice hockey, soccer and tennis. The package contains scoreboard and video screen, which together with our Event Center Software form a platform for extended game information. Access will be given to spectators as well as to players to experience visual presentations of players, animated characters for occasions like goals, time-outs or fouls, extended game information and in-game media like advertising and promotion.

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SAP Arena Mannheim
Helsingborg Arena
Tissot Arena Biel
PostFinance Arena Bern
EHC Olten