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Click Effects - Products Overview


CrossFire is the ultimate multimedia broadcast server, the most trusted choice for
unmatched quality and value in live event production. The system instantly serves
video and audio clips and acts as a still store, a graphic generator with no rendering
and a downstream keyer and features a custom stats and data interface which is
unparalleled. If you could have just one production tool for your live event, it’s


Blaze is the most effective and intuitive fascia board controller on the market, but
it’s also much more, handling all aspects of zoning a video board with eloquent
ease. Full video editing, graphics creation and real time stats are a snap with the
Click Effects Blaze.


SAP Arena, O2 Arena Hamburg, Arena Montpellier



Imagine having network quality, split-second instant replay production in a digital
system. FlashBack offers unmatched quality and simplicity inserting and scripting
slates, headshots, logos and sponsor tags, creating a network broadcast look at
a live event. FlashBack is also a huge sponsor revenue generator, which scores
of users will readily attest.



Click Effects ProAudio system is the original system that changed the face of
live event audio entertainment. Point, click and have instant access to thousands
of audio clips and then, the versatility and feature rich interface allows a user the
ultimate in flexibility in editing, creating savable cues and playing multiple sounds
simultaneously. ProAudio brings the crowd to a frenzy!


Sounds of Sports

The Sounds of Sports series of music libraries rocks, slams, instigates,
incites and exhorts fans at live events. The 2 libraries currently available offer
an unprecedented variety of music in all styles, from rock to dance, to country,
Latin, novelty, character music and the traditional organ music fans love to
hear, performed by a host of musicians with recording and touring credits
that would take years to even list. Sounds of Sports rocks the house!

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