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S[quadrat] LED displays on Circuit Paul Ricard



S[quadrat] GmbH just delivered four fix installed LED video displays for the renewed Circuit Paul Ricard in Le Castellet, South France. On 24th June, 2018 the first Formula 1 race took place after 28 years.

The two 21 m² screens will show live broadcasts and advertisement. Two vertically aligned, 6 m high LED bars will display racing information like positions and the number of labs. S[quadrat] mounted the four displays at a 15 m high, specially made pylon. The maintenance levels are located in the inside of the pylon. Therefore, all displays can be maintained from the backside. The displays consist of SMD LEDs with a pixel pitch of 10 mm. There is a high level of homogeneity and a wider viewing angle due to the usage of SMDs. The drivers who pass the screens have a much better view in comparison to traditional DIP LEDs. Extra-long shaders, developed by S[quadrat] specially to increase the shock resistance of its outdoor displays, protect the diodes at the race track well against the strong sunlight. Additionally, they improve the contrast. S[quadrat]‘s SX[BrightnessControl] regulates the brightness of the displays automatically according to the current light conditions.