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In an effort to entertain and inform guests waiting for their flights in
Zurich Airport, the company was commissioned to install a LED
advertising screen in the airport's departures hall. The LED video
display was to be integrated into an existingstructure located above
the bar in the departures area. The brief was for a highly visible
and aesthetically appealing screen. The challenge in the project
lay in the speed, safety and organisation required to execute the
job successfully. After all, airport operations had to continue as
normal while the system was being installed. The installation work
should on no account lead to interruptions or disruption to airport

The LED video display was installed in a cut-out section made in
the front side of the structure. In order to ensure an attractive yet
safe transition between the screen and surrounding wall space,
we complemented the screen with a black frame running around
the entire length of the unit. The control system for the screen is
found in the service room, located directly behind the screen.
We are delighted that the customer is completely satisfied with
the unit and the services we provided.


July 2011

Project partner:
Sony Europe

Technical data:
S[quadrat] SI [6 SMD] NT LED video display
& SX [TempControl]

4.6 m x 2.7 m = 12.4 m²