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The new building of Schweinfurt’s car dealer Real-
Auto shall be equipped with a unique media facade to primarily present impressive product advertisement. An efficient, uncomplicated LED display system is needed here. The assembly must be precisely coordinated with the other crafts in the outdoor area.


The media presentation of various cars over the whole front façade is now possible thanks to 53 S[quadrat] SO [8 SMD] NT Light LED modules with a total display area of 76 m². The modules are fixed with a steel construction at the concrete wall. The pixel cards are mounted from the front and so our service technicians can do the maintenance easily in front of the display.
The desired content can be transferred to the display in real-time by the content management system SX[Lyrebird]. Content changes can be simply made at any time. To reach an adequate luminosity the media façade is supported by SX[BrightnessControl]. The recommended supplement for the controlling of outdoor displays automatically regulates the required brightness setting of the LED display.


August 2015

Technical data:
SO [8 SMD] NT Light Outdoor LED video display

31.68 m x 2.6 m = 82 m² less the entry door