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[LED Cylinder]

Satis & fy AG entrusts us with a cylindrical LED display for the trade show EMO Hannover 2011. The visitors shall be able to receive information from all directions by a cylinder with a video screen. The construction must be finished until the beginning of the trade fair.


Several curved LED panels of our S[quadrat] SI [10 SMD] NT Light display are arranged in such a way that they result in a cylinder. A special sub-structure, which the panels are mounted on, ensures that this cylinder can be set on top of an existing hexagonal body. Thanks to our well-established project team the LED-cylinder is ready for the fair right on time. Its controlling is handled by our SX [Lyrebird] Content Management Hard- and Software.


November 2011

Technical data:
1 x S[quadrat] SI [10 SMD] NT Light

16 m²