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by a digital LED video display that can be controlled electronically and shows mainly events information and news of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The enormous brightness of the LED display must be easily regulated automatically to shine against sunlight and avoid dazzling the pedestrians and the traffic. Furthermore the customer requires reliable protection against vandalism.

In order to meet all requirements we supplied our S[quadrat] SO [8 SMD] NT Light outdoor LED video display inside a vitrine-like aluminum construction with safety glass in front of the display area. The construction can be opened by sashes at the backside for maintenance. Our combined monitoring system SX [TempControl & SecureControl] ensures overall protection. Temperature sensors and glass-break sensors monitor the display housing. They react in case of an exceeded temperature beyond the individual adjustable threshold area respectively in case of vandalism. The control room will immediately be informed and the LED display can be shut off automatically. Moreover, we have integrated our software SX [BrightnessControl] in the control system. Thus we can regulate the brightness of the screen automatically to the surrounding light conditions. The content will be managed and played by our approved SX [Lyrebird] content management system.


June 2013

Project partner:
G. Fleischhauer Ing. Büro Cottbus GmbH

Technical Data:
S[quadrat] SO [8 SMD] NT Light Outdoor LED Videodisplay

2,59 m x 2,018 m = 5,23 m²