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[Helsingborg Arena Stele]


What does an arena miss that is already equipped with cutting-edge audio and video technology in the inside? An elegant outdoor information agent in front of the arena to inform about upcoming events and further important news. Updates shall be displayed in real-time and by only a few mouse clicks. Moreover, the information system needs to be of state-of-the-art technology and an attractive design that is also optically a perfect match for the Helsingborg Arena.


After having successfully installed the LED video cube and the LED fascia system in 2012, the visitors are now also welcomed by S[quadrat] systems. Two high-resolution 6 mm outdoor displays with a brightness of 6,500 cd/m² inform about important events. The high brightness of the displays is regulated automatically by our software SX [BrightnessControl] and will be adjusted to the surrounding light conditions. Thereby the displays are always bright enough, but never too glaring. the necessary parameters for this automatism is set client-specifically and be repeatedly redefined as required.

To attract as much attention as possible both 6 m² SO [6 SMD] NT Light LED video displays were integrated into 3-sided designed stele. As desired by the customer, we left the option open to integrate a third display in addition. Elegant aluminum cladding surrounds the technics. To safe the stele from unpleasant graffiti we added an anti-graffiti coating. Thus such contaminations can be removed easily.


August 2014

Project partner:
Fremlab AB

Technical Data:
SO [6 SMD] NT Light LED video displays


2 x (2.016 m x 2.88 m) = 11.62 m²