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At the entrance area of the DEKRA e.V. headquarter in Stuttgart a LED advertisement pylon is planned to inform about the various services of the DEKRA. As a special touch, it should also be used for events. However, to ensure an ideal view to the display area the viewing angle must be adjustable.


To reach an ideal workflow we already built the single S[quadrat] SO [10 SMD] NT Light LED modules with a total area of almost 15 m² into its housing construction with a 16:9 ratio at our works. Thus, after the purely mechanical assembly we were able to easily complete the entire configuration of the LED display and make necessary adjustments in advance. On-site in Stuttgart at the company premises of DEKRA we mounted a mechanically 180° rotating pillar, on which we then installed the prepared information display with a lower edge at the height of 3 m.
The LED video display will be played by PADS4 PRO XPERT Content Management System, specially made for digital signage application. This allows the customer to integrate the desired content easily into the user-friendly software and transmit it to the LED display in real time.
Here too, our software SX [BrightnessControl] ensures an automatic brightness regulation, whereby the brightness of the LED display automatically adapts to the lighting conditions in the surrounding area.

July 2015

Technical Data:
S[quadrat] SO [10 SMD] NT Light Outdoor LED video display

5.12 m x 2.88 m = 14.75 m²