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[Arena Montpellier]

In France's Arena Montpellier, S[quadrat] GmbH completed its largest individual project to date. This certainly the acid test for the newly developed S[quadrat] SX hardware and software control system. Not to mention a challenge for our planning and production teams. What is more, the first installation had to be done within just eight weeks.

Our multi-functional rental video modules help the Arena Montpellier stay both well equipped and flexible. The individual components of the system can be combined as required. If the Arena requires a large screen, then it is able to put together a display totalling 80 m² in surface area. But this can also be easily converted into 4 x 20 m² or 2 x 40 m² screens.


October 2010

Project partner:
Sony Professional Solutions Europ

Technical data:
1 x S[quadrat] SIR [16 SMD] NT Rental Cube
2 x S[quadrat] SIR [20 SMD] NT Rental Fascia
2 x S[quadrat]  SI [20 SMD] NT Fascia Displays
1 x S[quadrat] SO [10/20] NT Advertising Display
13 x S[quadrat] SO [10/20] NT Fascia Displays

4 x 20 m² = 80 m²
2 x 25 m² = 50 m²
2 x 25 m² = 50 m²
16 m²
13 x 6 m² = 78 m²