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In the centre of Winterthur a new shopping mall, called Archhöfe, is being build. A LED video display at the north façade shall show various sequences, for example advertisements of the tenants, current events and news from Winterthur, in 24/7-hours operation. To appreciate and recognize the new building’s architecture, the display must be integrated perfectly into the façade.


We installed our S[quadrat] SO [8 SMD] NT Light outdoor LED advertising display integrated in the façade of the Archhöfe. For this outdoor advertising system magnetic pixel cards were not an option. Therefore, our engineers developed an individual front access system for the super flat housing construction. Now the pixel cards can also be easily removed and replaced from the front for maintenance and service purpose. Furthermore, our temperature control system SX [TempControl] was extended by a self-regulating cooling system, specifically developed for this project. It protects the LED display and its components automatically against overheating. To be also well-equipped against changing surrounding brightness, we integrated an ambient light sensor to adjust the brightness of the display automatically.



June 2013

Habegger AG

Technical data:
S[quadrat] SO [8 SMD] NT Light Outdoor LED Videodisplay

3,46 m x 6,34 m = 21,9 m²