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[Philharmonie de Paris]

Paris receives a new philharmonic according to highest standards. The latest LED technology shall make information about the current program and exhibitions visible from distance. What counts here is not the highest possible resolution, but high-quality minimalism which does not distract from the elaborately designed façade of Philharmonie de Paris. Thus the customer has chosen the S[quadrat] dot technology from the outset.

The original wish of the customer was to fix the LED dots at the façade of the philharmonic. However, this was not workable in reality. Instead, we modified the LED screen for a new steel construction.
Within this construction we mounted a tailor-made fixing system for the dots. Then we attached the dots to it with a pixel pitch of 80 mm and as a total screen area of 78 m². Additionally, the screen struc-
ture was completely cladded with aluminum. For maintenance the dots will be removed individually to the rear via quick lock system.
The brightness of the screen will be adjusted auto-
matically to changing light conditions by SX[BrightnessControl]. So now the visitors are well-informed.

August 2015

Technical Data:
S[quadrat] SOC [30 DOT] LED Dots

12.8 m x 6.08 m = 77.82 m²