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Mercedes Benz opens a new sales direction for Germany in Berlin. In this centre a distinguished showroom shall arise, which will be emphasized by a unique media cube. The media installation shall be the eye catcher for customers, visitors and also pedestrians. The customer is looking for spectacular light effects, high-quality advertising spots and digital surprises, all implemented by the latest and highest quality technologies.

Indeed, it was not easy to find the perfect solution for the Mercedes Benz media installation, but then even more breathtaking. Three sides of the media cube, which are the centre of the show room, were revetted by an especially developed mirror glass façade of MIRONA® "High Reflective GREY one side coated" glass, which was also planned and implemented by S[quadrat]. Hidden behind this is our 170 m² LED innovation. It is subdivided in a 14 m² high-resolution area with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a pixel pitch of 8 mm, surrounded by a low-resolution area. This area consists of highest quality LED stripes with a pixel pitch of 96 mm horizontally and vertically. The customer's wish for a surprise effect will be fulfilled by a unique controlling system, whereby you can simply switch the high-resolution area to the low resolution of 96 mm. Hence a homogeneous display area can be created for captivating lighting effects. The controlling of the whole system will be carried out by Sedna Presenter Content Management System.



June 2013

Project partner:
Habegger AG

Technical Data:
S[quadrat] SO [8 SMD] NT LED Videodisplay
Size: 4,902 m x 2,784 m = 13,65 m²
S[quadrat] SIC [96 SMD] NT Stripe Display

9,763 m x 2,91 m = 28,41 m²
6,8 m x 2,91 m = 19,79 m²
18,09 m x 6,725 m = 121,66 m² - 13,65 m²
embedded high res.