L’Atoll  L’Atoll  L’Atoll


The new shopping centre in the French Beaucouzé already
sets new standards with its atoll-like building. So the desired information displays must be something special. The displays particularly must not affect the unique façade. Moreover the mounting of the displays must be coordinated exactly with the construction works of the shopping centre.

Together with our partner Sony Europe we developed our outdoor single LED dots S[quadrat] SOC [30 DOT] 10R/ 10G/ 10B. They comply with the type of protection IP65 and reach a brightness of 60 cd per dot. Our team mounted the dots into the curved façade elements on the ground. Afterwards these elements were built into the façade construction by using a crane. Thus the dots could be integrated almost invisibly into the façade of the atoll.


January 2012

Project partner:
Sony Europe

Technical Data:
S[quadrat] SOC [30 DOT] 10R/ 10G/ 10B LEDs

2 x (19.2 m x 4.8 m) = 184.32 m²