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Your career

Do you want to escape the couch potato lifestyle? Do you want to get out
into the world and tackle exciting projects? Then we have the perfect job for you.

For immediate placement, we are looking for two sales experts to support our sales force.
Here you can find the detailed job offers.

In addition, we are regularly looking for specialists in the following fields:

  • Planning (project management, project coordination)
  • Construction (product design)
  • Development
  • Installation (steel structures, electro-technology, video technology)
  • Service (electro-technology, video technology)

Does this appeal to you? If so then send your application to:

S[quadrat] GmbH
In der Alting 4
90596 Schwanstetten

Email: info(at)squadrat.de

Andreas Brockschmidt is your contact for all careers-related inquiries.
If you have any questions, call him on +49 9170 9439-80.