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The fashion store PKZ in Zurich’s city center requests a high-end LED video display as digital signage solution to equip its new designed shop window. It will show promotion activities, special offers and selected commercials. The LED display must have a high luminosity to defy the mirroring glass of the shop window. At the same time, it must not be too bright to avoid that the pedestrians get blinded. Besides that the display of course must fit optically into the shop window, too.


Our best-selling indoor LED video display S[quadrat] SI [6 SMD] NT Light with a customized size of 2.95 m² integrates itself perfectly into the shop design by its noble powder-coated steel housing. In addition the LED display is equipped with a brightness sensor technology especially for digital signage installations. This technology ensures an exceptional LED display performance as well as high solid-state reliability. The brightness of the screen is controlled by a brightness sensor and automatically adjusts to the surrounding light conditions. In bright sunlight the display has the highest set brightness and in darkness it has the lowest set brightness. Both brightness levels of course can be modified in accordance with individual customer requirements.



December 2012

Habegger AG

Technical data:
S[quadrat] SI [6 SMD] NT
 Light Indoor LED Video Display 

1,536 m x 1,92 m = 2,95 m²