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The old, extensive LED display at Berlin „Ku’damm Eck“, the corner of Kurfürstendamm/Joachimstaler Straße, must be updated to the latest state of art and be replaced by a new system. Only then the 24/7 hours operation of high-class advertisements at one of busiest street corners in Berlin can be realized.


We replaced the old system by the nearly 100 m², powerful S[quadrat] SO [10 SMD] NT V4 LED video display and equipped it with S[quadrat]’s latest controlling components. The new modules were adapted to the existing steel construction. The refresh rate of 4,200 Hz and the brightness of 6,000 cd/m² are perfect for extensive outdoor advertising. Thus, since August 2015 the façade of Swissôtel shines with a new brilliance and presents unprecedented color intensity. S[quadrat]‘s SX [BrightnessControl] system provides the automatic brightness regulation and guarantees perfect image quality even in changing light conditions. The controlling is supplemented by the unique, customized SX[TempControl]. Temperature sensors monitor the display modules and react as soon as the temperature is beyond the normal range that can be defined individually. The control room will be informed immediately and the LED display can be disconnected full-automatically. Therefore these preventive measures extend the lifetime of the entire display system and a continuous reliable operation is ensured.


August 2015

Technical data:
SO [10 SMD] NT V4 Outdoor LED video display

12.8 m x 7.68 m = 98.3 m²