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As we have already placed a digital advertising system on the roof of a corner building at Rostock’s main road, Big Block Media GmbH now also plans the same high above the city traffic. Two LED video displays shall be realized on the roof of a new supermarket near the city port. The pixel pitch and LED configuration must be 16 mm and DIP 1R/1G/1B just as the existing screen.

On the roof of the third floor we set up two 25 m² S[quadrat] SO [16] NT Light R/G/B Outdoor LED advertising displays in a ratio of 16:9. The sub-structure is tilted slightly forward to reach optimal visibility. The screens run 24-hour operation. For highest possible efficiency the brightness of 6.500 cd/m² will be reined by our automatic brightness regulation SX [BrightnessControl]. Thanks to smart sensors the brightness of the screens will be regulated automatically to the surrounding light conditions. Since only in direct sunlight you require maximum 6.500 cd/m². The lower settings protect the LEDs and reduce the power consumption.

April 2014

Technical data:
S[quadrat] SO [16] NT Light R/G/B Outdoor LED video displays

2 x (6.4 m x 3.84 m) = 49.15 m²