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This was the big Christmas wishes that appeared on the display
wish list of the Forum Steglitz: Commercials of the highest image
quality advertising the businesses in the Forum and on a LED
video display that is so flat that it can be integrated into the façade.
This was to be done from as many lateral angles of viewing as
possible and to be ready for deployment in time for the opening
of the Christmas market in November, which takes place every
year on the courtyard in front of the Forum. In view of the fact that
this challenge was likely to prove too much for Father Christmas
it was clear that these requirements could only be fulfilled by
a company that has many years of experience.


Thus it was that we were commissioned with the task of finding
a solution by which the project could be realised and, right on
time for the opening of the Christmas market at the end of
November 2011, the Forum Steglitz in Berlin was able to broad-
cast the desired advertising spots on its own new LED video
display. The super-flat S[quadrat] SO [16 SMD] NT LED video
display with a depth of a mere 30 cm is equipped with the best
first range Nichia SMD LEDs in the world. It is also equipped
with both a horizontal and a vertical angle of viewing of 140 de-
grees each. The display consists of 17 x 10 lightweight modules
of our own S[quadrat] design. These are actuated via the
S[quadrat] SX [Master] and the S[quadrat] Content Management
Software SX [Lyrebird]. Thus no wish was left unfulfilled.


November 2011

Technical data:
S[quadrat] SO [16 SMD] NT
 LED video display

8.70 m x 5.12 m = 44.56 m²