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[AdverTower Linkenbach]


One of Germany’s busiest motorway sections is the ideal location for large-format advertising. Thus, a more than 30 m high pylon with two digital advertising spaces is planned to be a conspicuous and attractive advertising medium. LEDs of the newest generation shall create a breathtaking image and ensure easily replaceable advertising content.


It’s a new record! The 35 m high AdverTower in Linkenbach at the motorway A3 between Cologne and Frankfurt is Europe’s biggest LED advertising tower with its two 173 m² LED video displays in a 16:9 ratio. S[quadrat] GmbH was commissioned to realize an all-in-one solution, the digital advertising system including the delivery and assembly of the new tower.
The lower edge of each of the two 18 m wide x 9.6 m high screens, a total of 345 m² display area, is situated at 25 m height at a giant steel construction on a 30 tons heavy steel pylon. The sub-structure naturally contains each four maintenance levels that are protected against falling, where the future maintenance works can be handled without any problems.
At a dizzying height and partly in an icy wind our technicians fixed and installed the specially developed S[quadrat] SO [25RGB] NT Light module for both LED screens. With the pixel pitch of 25 mm each side reaches an optimal resolution of 720 x 384 pixels. A total of 1.68 million Nichia LEDs provide reliable first class LED technology and a brilliant image result. The advertising content can be easily transmitted to the LED screens in real-time by the content management system PADS4 PRO-XPERT.
The system-specific brightness sensor technology is in charge for the automatic regulation of the 7,000 cd/m² and guarantees perfect image quality even in changing light conditions. The controlling is supplemented by the unique, customized SX[TempControl]. Temperature sensors monitor the display modules and react as soon as the temperature is beyond the normal range that can be defined individually. The control room will be informed immediately and the LED display can be disconnected full-automatically. Therefore these preventive measures extend the lifetime of the entire display system and a continuous reliable operation is ensured.


December 2015

Technical data:
2 x S[quadrat] SO [25] NT Light LED outdoor video displays

2 x (18 m x 9.6 m) = 345.6 m²