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[Advertising Screen Rostock]


The old billboard advertising system has had its day and shall be exchanged by a more efficient, flexible LED adverting screen. Hence, in future the updates will be effected in real-time. The advertising area is placed on the roof of a corner building at a main road. To ensure ideal visibility a new substructure is required and needs to be inclined slightly forward.


We installed our S[quadrat] SO [16] NT Light R/G/B outdoor LED advertising display with high-end Nichia LEDs and a stunning brightness of 6.500 cd/m². With such a high brightness it is preferable to install an automatic brightness control. Therefore, we integrated our software SX [BrightnessControl] in the control system to regulate the brightness of the screen automatically to the surrounding light conditions. The content will be managed and played by Sedna content management system.  From the submission of the building application to comprehensive after sales service we delivered a carefree package just in time. “We are absolutely thrilled about S[quadrat]’s quality and the luminosity of the LED display. We already received many positive reactions”, says the satisfied client Mr. Kudra from PLAKATDIGITAL.


For more information please visit: www.plakatdigital.de


June 2013

Technical data:
S[quadrat]  SO [16] NT Light R/G/B Outdoor LED Videodisplay 

5,12 m x 3,84 m = 19,66 m²