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New LED video display for Messe Karlsruhe



Within the scope of the new digital visitor guidance system for the Messe Karlsruhe there is also an exchange of the old 21 m² LED display in the entrance hall. Together with multi-media systeme AG, S[quadrat] GmbH has installed a 30 m² LED video display of its Sky series.

With a pixel pitch of 3.8 mm the S[quadrat] display reaches a full HD resolution. The brightness is up to 1,500 candela per m². According to the current surrounding light conditions S[quadrat]’s brightness software adjusts the candela value automatically.

The new display is provided with the controlling and monitoring systems developed by S[quadrat]: SX[TempControl] und SX[On/Off]. SX[TempControl] monitors the temperature of the display and can cause the automatic shut down in case of a high excess. SX[On/Off] is a deducted panel to switch the LED display on and off. These two, unique systems extend the lifetime of the LED display and ensure a high-performance and user-friendly operation of the LED system.