EMC Class B Display  EMC Class B display  EMC Class B display
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EMC Class B display


S[quadrat]'s latest EMC Class B product in pitch 3.9 mm is especially designed for the stricter EMC requirements of airports and train stations.


  • Application in corporate and transport
  • EMC Class B is even to be used in the domestic environment
  • Low power consumption and less heat dissipation make our EMC Class B display an environment-friendly product
  • High efficient LED chip plus black mask for higher contrast ratio
  • Unique strong, light weight modules
  • Controlling via S[quadrat]’s own developed, high performance control system SX[Master] V4
  • Complies with the EU Directive on electromagnetic compatibility (2014/30/EU) and low voltage (2014/35/EU) for the stricter Class B
  • Tested and certified in a German EMC laboratory up to a 40 m2 LED display
  • Redundant Power Supply
SI [3.9 SMD] NT V4 Class B
3.91 mm pixel pitch
1,000 cd/m² brightness

Download our PDF for further information and product specifications.